Sondra Graff came to design circuitously through the world of dance with an unanticipated stop at Parsons School of Design. She subsequently received her MFA in graphic design from VCFA, Vermont College of Fine Arts. Her work in performance, pedagogy and design have melded into years of formative and collaborative projects.

Sondra’s work explores the juxtaposition of the absurd combined with chance, the distressed and the intangible. Sondra’s scope moves from micro, creating forms with found objects and the influence of time, to macro, developing larger scale interdisciplinary endeavors. 

traversingwithonions, a site-specific piece with 750 lbs of red onions embodies her focus. Sondra is also an Adjunct Associate Professor teaching at FIT in New York City. When she is not designing or teaching, she can be found in the Gunks, at times, dangling from a cliff.